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Multi award-winning Elvis Entertainer Paul Ross is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and tours Canada and the US presenting his “Elvis On Tour” Showcase.

Paul recreates classic Elvis performances using professionally reproduced costumes, highly energetic movements, and spot-on live vocals (no lip-synching). Audiences will feel as though they are revisiting outstanding moments from the early days of Rock & Roll in the 1950’s, through the movie years of the 1960’s, the ’68 Comeback Special, and the Las Vegas and On Tour years of the 1970’s, as Paul incorporates all the various eras of Elvis’ career into each and every show.

An Elvis fan himself, Paul has spent hundreds of hours studying Elvis’ mannerisms, movements, and voice, as well as his charismatic stage presence, to create a stunningly faithful reproduction of Elvis Presley’s performances.

An instrumentalist as well (guitar, bass, piano), Paul has worked with his band to recreate note-for-note Elvis’ recordings, or may be accompanied by professional backing tracks.


From his early sports coats and trademark Gold Lame jacket to the movie years outfits to the all-Black Leather ensemble, and his signature jumpsuits, Elvis had a fashion style all his own. Paul uses painstakingly-reproduced costumes from the various era’s of Elvis’ life. The signature black hair and sideburns, the crooked grin and sultry eyes, are all part of a Paul Ross performance.


Once billed as “The Atomic-Powered Singer”, and nicknamed “Elvis the Pelvis”, Elvis Presley was known for his unique leg-shaking, hip-swinging, and dancing. Paul’s performances therefore include choreographed actions based on these well known movements.


Of course, Elvis was, and always will be, one of the most recognizable singing voices of all time. Paul’s naturally similar tone, and the rich smoothness of his astoundingly powerful and Elvis-like voice, will have you thinking he’s performing to an Elvis recording, but every note is sung live! From million-sellers “Don’t Be Cruel”, “In The Ghetto”, and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, to the power songs of “Unchained Melody”, “Hurt”, and “An American Trilogy”, Paul’s impressive vocal range mirrors Elvis Presley’s own.

Paul recreates the energy, charisma and stage presence of “The King of Rock and Roll” tastefully, faithfully, and respectfully.

Paul Ross – Elvis Entertainer
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